Terms and Conditions

Normal hours will be 7.30pm until 11.30pm unless otherwise specified in advance. Load-in will be effected one hour before start, again unless other prior arrangements have been agreed with all parties. Hours outside these base hours will be charged separately from the main fee if and when required by the client unless this stipulation has been waived by agreement in advance.
Fees should be paid in full, one month before date of the booking, together with the agreed fees as above. Deposits are non refundable in case of cancellation.
Cancellation is possible apart from the surrender of the deposit at any time up until ninety days prior to the engagement. If cancellation occurs within sixty days of the engagement then the full payment is due and ninety days to sixty-one days half payment is due. Unless specified or discontinued after the function has already commenced, whether voluntarily or otherwise, payment in full is required.
Food and drinks should be provided if the Photo Booth Minder is working at the function for six hours or more.
Extension of time
We reserve the right to limit service to the hours contracted in advance. Clients may, however with the express consent of the manager of the facilities in which the event is held, and the Photo Booth Minder’s time permitting, request an on-site extension. Such an extension will be at the sole discretion of the performer and subject to an overtime payment.
An area of around three metres wide and two and a half metres deep is required to setup the Photo Booth. Please ensure that there is at least this amount of space. It is not possible to set up in one position and move partway through the evening in view of the time it takes breaking down and setting up. Where the Photo Booth Minder sets up at the start of the function there he/she will remain.
It goes without saying that we need access to a minimum of one electrical socket of the standard type. If we are going to be some distance away from the nearest power point, then please inform us in advance so necessary extensions will be brought to the venue.
In the unlikely event of equipment breakdown refund of fees will be paid pro rata.
Whilst every effort is made to put all photographs and video messages that are taken on the night, on the disc, we cannot guarentee that they will all be on the disc after editting for various reasons.
Images may be used in advertising.
If photobooth is damaged by any guests the client is liable for full costs.
Any disputes that occur with the photobooth on any given function should be reported within 2 weeks and the matter will be dealt with.